Being the Best Coach or Mentor You Can Be 8: Knowing Self


CRUCIAL to being the best coach or mentor you can be is knowing self!

In order to truly ‘understand’ your client it is essential for you to truly ‘understand’ yourself. Which is why I’ve highlighted the word ‘crucial’ in the sentence ‘CRUCIAL to being the best coach or mentor you can be is knowing self’. Only then can you recognise when you are stepping away from focusing on your client’s needs to focusing on . . .

  • meeting your needs
  • giving advice or guidance rather than facilitating your client’s ownership and generation of the way forward
  • your understanding of the world rather than theirs
  • them working in a way that is right for you rather than a way that is right for them

Conscious thought

. . . about what you think and what you feel about ‘What Makes You You’ is probably not something you spend time on very often, if at all? Yet it is almost certainly a focus you will come back to time and time again when working with your clients. Understanding self is central to them feeling confident and being able to . . . .

  • take control over their life
  • take the risk of stepping outside the familiar to gain new perspectives and develop new perceptions
  • recognise and understand their talents and use them most impactfully
  • take action that propels them forwards rather than keeps them looking backwards or fidgeting on the spot
  • self coach

If it is central for our clients in fuelling their confidence and keeping them moving forwards then it is central for us too. Both in our role as a coach and mentor and in our day to day life.

So . . .


Or have you slipped into using reflection only as a tool for having a better understanding of your interaction with your clients. Which, while clearly essential is only half the story of your relationship with your individual clients. Effective coaching and mentoring requires a 365 degree view!

If this is prompting you to give yourself some quality reflection time focused on you then my blog series starting later this month – titled not unsurprisingly ‘What Makes You You’ – might provide some useful prompts.

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