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Contracting 5: Optimising Coaching’s 3 P’s of Contracting

Principles, Practice, Procedures The Principles, Practice and Procedures underpinning coaching and mentoring – what I call Optimising Coaching’s 3P’s of Contracting – need to be clear from the outset of the coaching or mentoring relationship.  This will enable you to

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Contracting 4: Negotiating the Contracting Maze

Spending time exploring . . . what we mean by ‘contracting’ in coaching and mentoring helps us put into perspective – as well as negotiate – what can sometimes feel like a contracting maze. Scoping the territory before venturing into

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Contracting 3: The Medium is the Message

HOW . . . You go about coaching and mentoring will set the scene for an effective and ethical relationship right from the outset of the process. The medium really is the message. As coaches and mentors we forget that

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Contracting 2: First Impressions Count?

When does the coaching or mentoring relationship start? This is an essential question for you to ask yourself as a coach or mentor and to answer. It also needs to be asked and answered separately for each one of your clients.

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Contracting 1: Establishing an Effective Coaching and Mentoring Relationship

For any good coach or mentor . . . establishing an effective coaching and mentoring relationship doesn’t happen by magic. Neither will it look the same for every client you work with. While there are some general principles and good practice

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Sharing Coaching and Mentoring Practice 3: Challenge and 360º Feedback

  360º feedback can be a great tool in coaching and mentoring for building on strengths as well as for challenging assumptions. The third of our series of guest blogs from one of our Programme participants gives you an insight

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The Practice of Coaching & Mentoring 2: Challenge and Difference

What do you use to challenge your clients to think about difference? To challenge their assumptions by supporting them to take that step outside of their model of the world that brings a new perspective? Following on from the last

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The Practice of Coaching & Mentoring 1: Use of Challenge

  How to use challenge effectively in coaching and mentoring has been a focus of attention in the OC coaching community recently. One of our OC programme members shares her thinking about this testing topic . . .   I’m

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Contracting 17: Contracting in a Virtual/Remote Coaching and Mentoring context

Does contracting in a virtual coaching and mentoring context require additionality? As we have seen in my previous blogs on Contracting, at the heart of great coaching and mentoring lies a great coaching and mentoring relationship. Effective contracting is the

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What Makes You You? 10: ‘To Make a List or Not to Make a List’ – Exploring, Controlling or Adapting to life

  If “To make a list or not to make a list?” is the question . . . what is the answer? Controlling or adapting to life is the 4th personality preference and therein lies your answer. Do you prefer

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