Coaching and Mentoring for Coaches and Mentors

Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. By building on strengths and supporting the gaining of new insights it empowers individuals to find their own answers, encourages them to clarify what they want for themselves and for those around them and supports them to identify and take the actions necessary to achieve their goals.

This is as important for coaches and mentors as it is for their clients. However, while taking time out for reflection as part of professional practice is writ large in a coach and mentor’s DNA, often that doesn’t extend to their personal life.  


OC’s provision of coaching and mentoring for coaches and mentors focuses primarily on them as an individual in a holistic context. It does not replace professional supervision, rather it is a separate support service that enables them to focus entirely on themselves and on their own personal needs and wants. This can include access to a wide range of psychometric assessment tools

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As with all effective coaching and mentoring the starting point is the client. Its aim is to support an individual to reflect on their current and future context in a safe space where they have the freedom to explore and to gain insights that help understanding and clarify their way forward. 


How an OC coach works with you . . .