How an OC coach works with you . . .


  • listens
  • askquestions for clarification or to help the client think differently about what they have said
  • feed backs back on what they are seeing and doing and summarises to capture learning or check out direction
  • supports exploration and decision making
  • provides appropriate challenge and aids exploration of beliefs and assumptions
  • helps the client identify any skills they want to develop or behaviours they wish to change
    • assists the client to plan how to go forward and what steps they want or need to take to achieve their goal(s) 
  • s/he will be non judgemental  – not making a judgement about anything that is said rather providing the client with the space to explore what is important to them. Helping them to reflect often by just asking questions or sharing helpful tools, techniques or approaches.


  • The session is confidential and no information shared with a third party unless explicitly agreed otherwise. The only exception is where there is involvement in illegal activity or a risk of harm to self or others
  • There needs to be a commitment/contract on both sides to making the session(s) work
  • The coach’s role is to provide the framework within a safe and secure environment where the client is free to explore and learn at their own pace and in their own way
  • There is agreement at the outset on the focus for the coaching or mentoring and regular reviews to check out that everything is on track in terms of focus and how the client and coach are working together
  • Responsibility for the learning remains with the client. It is important that they own any decisions and actions that emerge. Coaching is not about giving advice or direction.