Benefits of Supervision

Effective supervision with an accredited supervisor brings a wide range of benefits to the coach or mentor and to their clients

For the Coach or Mentor it . . .

  • supports you to clarify and achieve your personal goals
  • facilitates your professional and personal development and CPD planning
  • helps you quality assure the provision of your work and gather further evidence of impact
  • extends your ability to be reflective about your practice
  • supports your psychological, emotional and physical health
  • enables you to reassure your client that you are working within an ethical framework

For the client – which may be an organisation or commissioner as well as an individual – it brings assurance that the coach or mentor is . . .

  • working to recognised professional practice that has a focus on safe practice for their clients as well as for themselves
  • being supported professionally and personally
  • keeping up to date with best coaching and mentoring practice

P1040655There are a wide range of different models and approaches to supervision as there are to coaching and mentoring. We use the approach which best matches the needs and Code of Practice or Ethical Code of the individual practitioner so role modelling what we believe to be effective coaching and mentoring.

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Through provision of 1:1 and group supervision we support coaches and mentors to work effectively, ethically and safely. We are also able to facilitate and offer guidance on peer supervision. All our supervisors are accredited supervisors as well as successful coaches.

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