360 Degree Feedback

Providing it is used sensitively and collaboratively 360 degree feedback is a great tool . . .

  • for an individual to use to gather perspectives on how they impact on othersIllustration
  • for maximising performance and building capacity within and across organisations

It provides a structured and in-depth view of how an individual, and the people they work with, ‘perceive’ their current performance.

When tailored carefully to an organisation’s culture it enhances performance and ensures personal development is targeted appropriately and effectively.

Interested in accessing a 360 degree feedback process but don’t know how to go about it?

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Optimising Coaching has significant experience in designing and running bespoke 360° programmes targeted to individual need whilst also meeting organisational imperatives.

We can . . .

  • provide an on-line 360 process designed for leaders and managers working in or across organisations. This can be easily modified to relate to your own specific needs
  • run confidential coaching sessions with individual participants on their receipt of the report
  • train your own team to run the coaching sessions

For the 360 degree process to be successful all participants must have confidence in the integrity of the process. Coaching sessions need to be confidential and supportive to ensure that the insights gained are translated into action.

All the feedback we receive shows that our on-line, personalised process is experienced as confidential, relevant and engaging by people at all levels as well as appropriately challenging


We can give you easy and quick access to a range of specialist services and resources which we know, through personal experience, add value to the delivery of coaching and mentoring at a 1:1 or at a strategic level. These are supported by a comprehensive range of materials and resources built up through the development and delivery of our successful coaching and mentoring courses.

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