MBTI Step I and Step II

We find the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) an extremely useful tool for enabling individuals and teams to gain insights into how they and others think, feel and behave. In summary – for optimising their coaching and mentoring experience!

And for participants on our coaching and mentoring qualification programmes, the Step II assessment provides that essential in-depth understanding they require to be able to optimise how they work with each and every individual client.

Some of the benefits?

For INDIVIDUALS it supports them to . . .Optimized-IMG_1106 cropped

  • understand and appreciate the differences in themselves and others so as to make constructive use ofstrengths and eliminate barriers
  • recognise what energises them and how they respond to change
  • be better informed when making decisions about their life
  • manage stress appropriately

For TEAMS it supports them to . . .

  • recognise there are different perspectives as well as approaches and methods for collecting information, solving problems and going about tasks
  • value and use individual difference positively and proactively
  • identify team areas of strength upon which to build and vulnerabilities to manage
  • reduce unproductive work by improving communication and building a framework for handling conflict

Interested in our on-line and confidential process? Whether you’re a coach or mentor, an organisation or a private individual we can support your use of MBTI. Talk to one of our MBTI practitioners for more information.

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