Psychometric Assessment including MBTI

Our coaching and mentoring clients often find that having an objective assessment tool as the focus for their thinking and for our conversation adds considerable value. If chosen wisely our experience shows us that it illuminates the issue or issues being explored – however sensitive or difficult – in a way that leads to positive and proactive action. Typically, these issues relate to personal and/or professional effectiveness and there are some great tools, such as MBTI, which can help stimulate an exploration of . . .

  • effective team workingOptimized-IMG_1374
  • effective communication
  • management of change
  • management of stress
  • management of conflict
  • effective leadership
  • effective decision making and delegation
  • career choice or development
  • personal strengths
  • how an individual, as well as those they relate to, ‘sees’, ‘makes sense of’ and ‘responds to’what is happening around them

If you are wondering about using psychometric assessment there are 4 key questions you need to ask – and we would be happy to discuss them with you . . .

  1. Is a psychometric test or assessment going to add value to the coaching or mentoring process?
  2. If so, which assessment tool is most appropriate for what I want to achieve?
  3. Is the assessment tool I am intending to use adequately researched for validity, reliability and diversity?
  4. Do I have access to a person who is appropriately trained and accredited in the assessment tool I want to use?

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