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“Every coaching and mentoring relationship is unique and every coaching and mentoring interaction an illuminating voyage of discovery for both the client and the coach or mentor.”
Sue Spencer

Research shows that effective coaching and mentoring relies on the quality of the relationship between the coach or mentor and their client. In turn this is dependent on working in a way that is ‘right’ for the client rather than ‘right’ for the coach or mentor

This is where we focus our attention on all our courses. The aim? To ‘optimise’ Coaching and
Mentoring for each individualOptimized-photo 6

Through focusing on the practice of coaching and of mentoring we enable our course participants to gain insights into how they and others ‘see’, ‘make sense of’ and ‘respond’ to what is around them. To understand, and be confident about, how they can work with rather than against the uniqueness of each of their coaching and mentoring clients. Theory, differing approaches and methodologies, skills, tools and techniques are the backdrop rather than the primary focus of attention.

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We support the development of bespoke courses in coaching and mentoring and offer nationally recognised accreditation. These are planned and delivered by highly experienced and successful coaches with a background in leadership and management.

These are run at our Derbyshire base or a location convenient to your organisation.

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