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As coaches and mentors ourselves we know how helpful it can be on occasions to access more specialist help or additional materials and resources.

Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions . . .

‘How can I add value to my coaching and mentoring?’

‘How can I help my clients learn more about themselves?’

‘How can I support this team to work really effectively as a team?’

‘How can a leader or manager gain a deeper insight into how they and others work?’

‘Who can help me design a programme on coaching and mentoring?’

If so then talk to us as there may be a few ways we can help e.g. by sharing . . .

  • our specialist psychometric assessment expertise
  • our on-line 360 degree feedback process for leaders and managers
  • our programme design experience and some of the materials and resources we use in our coach and mentor development and qualification programmes

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We can give you easy and quick access to a range of specialist services and resources which we know, through personal experience, add value to the delivery of coaching and mentoring at a 1:1 or at a strategic level. These are supported by a comprehensive range of materials and resources built up through the development and delivery of our successful coaching and mentoring courses.

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