What Makes You You? 5: Reflecting on the Good and Bad News of Personal Preferences

As with everything in life there are 2 sides to every story . . .

There is good news and bad news about psychological type/personality preferences. The really good news? Knowing about your own preferences enables you to build on the good and manage the bad!

Before delving down too far into your own personal preferences it is helpful to pause and reflect on the good news and the bad news about psychological type/personality preference. Isn’t life just like that – once you had thought you were on to a good thing you find there is another side to it! As a coach, encouraging my clients to gain a 360 degree view is high on my priority list. This gives you that crucial overview – the ‘helicopter view’ – that enables you to take control of any situation rather than being at is mercy. So although we are going to be considering both good and bad news, in reality I see it as all good news.

The good news?

Once you have identified your preferences you will have lots of those eureka moments when you realise why you have been finding something more or less difficult. Why you see and go about life differently to other people around you, why you make connections or can achieve some things quicker than others. By identifying your preferences you will also have brought this understanding into your consciousness. Knowing and valuing your psychological type/ personality preference means that you can now use the information at will to be more effective, to make your life less stressful and to understand how to relate to other people in a way that is more helpful and positive – both for you and for them.

The bad news?

We cannot spend our whole life focusing only on working to our preferences. Life, as we know, is just not like that. However, we can and do learn how to work effectively outside our preferences – it will just take us longer to do things and we will find them less energising or more difficult. There will be many occasions when there is no option but to do something in a particular way. Perhaps this is because somebody else is calling the shots or there are restrictions on time or the resources available. On such occasions you will be able to do what you need to do. Understanding why you are likely to find this more difficult or stressful, however, releases the tension and enables you to plan how to manage it most effectively – perhaps by building something in to the evening or the weekend which you really enjoy and which energises you.

It is also important

. . . to remember that when you are looking through your lens (your preferences) on the world you are likely to have blind spots. There will be occasions when something, for example, completely passes you by that somebody else has noticed immediately. Again, once you know your preferences you will be able to identify in advance where these blind spots may lurk. This enables you to put in contingency arrangements to manage them or to learn a different way of going about things. This is where knowing what other people’s preference are also comes in very handy as working together gives you that useful helicopter view of the whole scene. But, that is a topic for another day! Yes, you’ve guessed it – this is one of those blogs waiting in the wings!

Can there be much more to say on psychological type and personality preferences?

I’m afraid so! But hopefully you will have become as fascinated by the topic as I am – although even I never thought that I would be on to blog 5 with others lurking in the wings!

Did I hear you say – ‘Oh no!’ or ‘Oh good!’ ?

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