What Makes You You? 6: Checking out your Personality Preferences

Checking out your psychological type/personality preferences gives you vital information to succeed in all areas of your life.

Knowing and understanding why you go about life in the way you do and how that is different to how other people see and respond to the world, will make a huge and extremely positive impact on your life.

Checking out your psychological type/personality preferences is not as straightforward as you might imagine. But – well worth the exploration if my client’s reactions are anything to go by. Each one has reported considerable shifts in their thinking and positive changes in their life as a result of standing back and observing what they do and why they do it. Finding answers to those questions hovering in the back of your mind, about why you prefer to take the high road and others prefer to take the low road, is both illuminating and reassuring.

At last you’ll understand:

  • Why – that person who seems to go out of their way to do things differently is not being awkward but just doing what comes naturally to them
  • Why – if you are asking somebody to work outside their preference areas (types) it takes them so long or they are grumpy when they do it
  • Why – when talking about that film you have just shared with your friend, or a meeting you have been to with a work colleague, it feels as if you have been in totally different rooms
  • Why – when you want to think about something before making a decision your partner wants to talk it through or, perhaps, it is the other way around?

Sound familiar? All these are examples of you not just ‘seeing’ life differently to the other person but also having preferred ways of shaping or responding to it.

So, why is it so difficult

. . . to unpick your preferred way of going about things and seeing the world? It is partly because your preferences have been working happily away in the background all your life, leaving your conscious mind free to concentrate on those things you find more difficult. Partly because, as your preferences are so much part of you – what makes you you – it is difficult for you to identify them without making a conscious decision to stand back and observe them. They also often become confused with personality ‘traits’ – which are much easier to observe and which change quite regularly. If this is news to you see my previous blog on personality traits and personality types What Makes You You? 5 >>

What you can do

. . . if you are not sure of your preferences, is start by asking yourself some questions about not what you do but how you go about things. The answers will give you some initial and really helpful insights to set you thinking. You’ll find these questions in my next blog – What Makes You You? 7.

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