What Makes You You? 9: Check out How and Why you Make THAT Decision!


Checking out your decision making – the 3rd personality preference – gives you great insights into how and why you make the decisions you do.

Do you find making great decisions easy? Decisions which stand the test of time? Decisions which don’t require you to persuade yourself and others that they were the right ones at the time? Sound familiar?

This week’s questions guide you towards checking out your decision making – the 3rd personal preference or psychological type. Last week you checked out what grabs your attention out of all that information bombarding you every second. This week we look at how you use that information to make your decisions. You thought your decisions were well thought out and considered – right?

The good news?    They are!

The bad news?      Only partially!

Once you know

. . . what information you focus on automatically to make your decisions you can use that understanding to expand your view. Making great decisions depends on having a 360 degree view of what is going on around you. It also requires you to trust your unconscious as well as conscious mind. Only a very small part of communication, what we take in through all of our senses, is conscious. I am sure you have had the experience of the hairs on your neck standing up when something significant is, or is about to, happen. Or had that slightly uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that told you to pay close attention to something you have not yet ‘seen’.

This set of questions

. . . is about whether you make decisions primarily by standing back and thinking about the information from afar (disassociating yourself from what you are ‘seeing’ ) or whether your focus is on how the information is affecting you or others (associating yourself with what you are ‘feeling’).

Try to answer the questions as quickly as possible rather than spend a lot of time pondering on them. If you still find it hard to answer ‘yes’ to one of the two questions then ask yourself what you would do first.

Question 3 – How do you prefer to make decisions?

When you make a decision do you find yourself standing back and considering the information in front of you and, for example, weighing up the costs and consequences relating to the different pieces of information?

or . . .

Do you prefer to make a decision based on how you and others feel about the information in front of you or the situation you are in?

Neither of these preferences is right or wrong, better or worse, they are just different. Making a decision, based on your preferred way of processing information, will seem obvious and be easy and effortless. The danger is that you might miss some information that will give you a more holistic view – that 360 degree perspective again!

Once you realise

. . . that your preference is likely to give you easy access to only part of what is in front of you then you will have the understanding you need to make sure you scan the whole view before you make a decision – what I describe as seeing the whole jigsaw picture. Essential if you are going to get all those separate pieces of information into the right place.

So, if you have a preference for standing back and ‘thinking’ first about what is in front of you then make sure you ask yourself ‘and what am I feeling?’ If you have a preference for focusing on how you ‘feel’ then ask yourself ‘and, if I stand back and look from afar, what do I think about it?’

If you haven’t looked at your personality preferences 1 and 2 yet – you can find some helpful questions in my last 2 blogs. What Makes You You? 10 will continue the theme

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