All our programmes and courses are supported by Optimising Coaching developed materials and resources. These are highly regarded and build up into a compendium of information, theories and approaches, tools and techniques that relate to coaching and mentoring.

We believe where at all possible we should be able to say what we needOptimized-P1090806
to say in no more than 2 sides of A4. And that where we can translate this into a visual model we do!

Materials and resources are available to programme participants 24/7 on our dedicated OC Members website and available to other clients as part of our work with them.

We are currently exploring giving wider access to a range of physical resources we have developed for our own coaching and mentoring. Watch this space!


We can give you easy and quick access to a range of specialist services and resources which we know, through personal experience, add value to the delivery of coaching and mentoring at a 1:1 or at a strategic level. These are supported by a comprehensive range of materials and resources built up through the development and delivery of our successful coaching and mentoring courses

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